When done properly, keyword marketing is an essential part of making money online. Regardless of what business you’re in, when you trade online, you’ll need traffic to sell your product or service. While you can make paid campaigns with vendors, social media and search engines, you simply won’t be able to run paid campaigns continuously. No, a dominant way of building an audience will be by growing it naturally and that is where organic traffic comes into play. The people you get from search engines will be your most reliable source. Hence, keyword marketing is a necessity. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s dig into the facts.

Keyword marketing is all about including search phrases in your content, which search engines include in their search results. Say, for example, your niche is digital marketing and your product is a keyword marketing tutorial. A simple practice to do would be to search for the term keyword marketing on Google, the biggest search engine, and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. What you will see is further examples of the most popular search phrases people online use in areas closely related to keyword marketing. Topics like digital marketing keywords,  keyword planner, digital advertising keywords, keywords for market research, and marketing management keywords are all basis for further reading and inclusion into your content.


Now, it’s not just enough to stuff them all in your article and hope to get ranked highly on search engines. Google’s Penguin update dealt with that several years ago and no one (in their right mind) does keyword stuffing anymore. Throughout the major updates, Google spiders now crawl through the web to find and reward content that is both user-friendly, in terms of SEO, and of high quality to the reader (Keyword here: reader. Google rewards content for readers.). Therefore, it becomes pertinent to primarily create content that readers will appreciate and want to share and/or engage with. When this content is properly optimized for search engines, the likes of Google will index your content and with time give you respectable ranking in their search results. Top ranking needs to be seen as a reward to a service! You cannot and will not get results if you try to shortchange or hijack the system. You give 90% first, then you’ll get the highest yield in the remaining 10%. And when you’re significantly ranked organically, getting a steady stream of traffic at any time of the day, you’ll see it’s all worth it.

Keyword marketing is a numbers game and builds up over time. In short, the more high quality content you create, the better this will be for your keyword marketing strategy, which in turn will enable you to turn your content resource as a powerful keyword marketing tool. Think of it this way: if you keep on throwing mud on a wall, some mud will stick on the wall, despite much falling onto the ground. When you, however, keep on throwing mud on that same piece of wall, you will gradually form a layer, which expands the more mud you throw. Keyword marketing is the same. The more high grade content you produce and properly optimize for search engines, the higher your content will be ranked, the more organic traffic you earn from search engines and the more leads you convert from visitors. This is the premise of successful keyword marketing for your business today. Regardless of your niche or business, to get attention and conversion, you must provide rich content and develop a resource portal of it over time.

Keyword marketing is hard work and requires patience and diligence – but it’s absolutely worth it and the keyword marketing industry has produced millionaires the world over. These rockstars, however, won’t tell you they were an overnight success. There’s no such thing as it. To get to the top, you have to graft, grind, work your ass off and sacrifice blood, sweat and tears. In the end, you’ll wouldn’t want to have done it any other way. It is the most rewarding journey to embark on online!