Music is a universal language. It’s the one thing that we all have in common, regardless of our differences. Nowadays, with so much going on in the world – conflicts, struggles and social problems arising every minute, one need not be a political scientist to know that we humans as a people, have never been more polarized.

Very often, however, that silver lining in the disparate reality, is the various genres of music we each listen to, each in our own corner.

You like this. I like that. You’re from this party and I’m of that belief. Nonetheless – we both unwind with music.

Since the beginning of time, music has been a bedrock of human development. In all cultures of the world, there are songs that speak to the mind, soul and heart. While one may say, in previous times, there may have been an emphasis of addressing social issues musically, history and the present, nonetheless, have millions of recordings that entertain and inspire you to grow.

This is pure artistry – and in our time here on Earth, we have and continue to witness greatness is musical production, in every single genre that exists. Artists are so gifted that their musical genius has enabled them to combine different types of music together to make their own unique and original style, which is followed and appreciated by many. A global icon herein is the late Prince.

A culture cannot exist without music. A people’s heritage and values lie in its music. From the million Dollar studios in Hollywood to the monk children sitting on the ground in a circle, in a Himalayan monastery, music is used to define who we are, to equate meaning and significance to our existence.

Revolutions have originated from music. Social restructuring and reforms have culminated from music. Political transformation has come to pass because of music.

People in every country in the world relate to the beat, melody and lyrics of their favourite songs. Music uplifts them, nurtures them, consoles them, inspires them, accompanies them and even heals them.

The modern commuter, no matter where you go, listens to his or her favourite playlist through his/her earphones, on the way to and from work. Children sing when they’re in class, drawing away with crayons. Factory workers work on assembly plants, using million Dollar high tech machinery, while music is playing in the background. Athletes undergo team training and physiotherapy while listening to their most motivating records, to prepare for their next performance. Even supermarkets and department stores play a tracklist of light, upbeat songs for their shoppers to enjoy.

Like art and literature, music is a reflection of humanity – it makes up an exclusive and invaluable aspect of our existence, in any way considered. There is no human who has lived without listening to some form of music. Even the few civilizations untouched by the rest of the world, enjoy and uphold music of their own.

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