Miami is one of the top American cities, in many regards. From fashion, music, culture to commerce, entertainment, tourism and much more, Miami accounts for it all. As America’s largest tourism hub (the Big Apple is naturally number one), it is a top destination of Southeastern USA and for good reason so. When it comes to culture, sights and sounds, Miami is in a league of its own. Widely known as the ‘Capital of Latin America’ or ‘The Magic City’, the vibrant and energetic metropolis is home to over 5 million people, many of whom are of Latin American descent, particularly Cuban. Fusing the zest & passion of numerous Latin cultures and customs of Latin heritage, Miami is a truly international city, with a very attractive appeal.

When people think of Miami, they predominantly think of amazing beaches and a great nightlife. Despite having a powerful service sector, though, not many know that Miami has the third tallest skyline in America, with over 300 skyscrapers. Furthermore, it’s not a mega-city but among the top 5 most populous urban areas in the United States. This makes it a great place for living and doing your thing in the city.

The international cruise shipping industry wouldn’t be as active and commercially viable, as it is today, if it wasn’t for Miami. Specifically, the Port of Miami is the largest port in the world, in terms of passenger & cruise ship traffic. Some of the world’s largest cruise ships dock in and operate from Miami. Why, you may ask?

Well, to put it frankly… Miami is amazing.

The city, one of the cleanest in America, boasts of clean air, lots of parks and ‘green’ areas. Residents also enjoy clear drinking water wherever they go. That translates to superb lakes to have fun in, too. With numerous schools, colleges and educational institutions in and around the city, offering a solid quality of education, Miami is a top location for (young) families to settle down in and live the good life.

It’s difficult not to be infected by the upwardly mobile, culturally diverse and cosmopolitan identity of the city. Miami is like the Latin New York with residents from many other countries, in it. There are few cities in the world that match that enviable standard of living – which is why buying and investing into Miami Real Estate is among the best forms of housing investments in America. Living in Miami is an uplifting experience. Miamians live in studios, apartments, bungalows, duplexes, condominiums and mansions of the finest standard… to much of the envy of everyone else.