You need to know what you want and then you need to want it – BADLY!!!

Hoping for it is never enough. You have to feen for it, work your ass off for it and obsess about it 24 hours a day, every freakin’ day!! Get pictures of it. Imagine you’re already with it. Speak to yourself like you already got it. Fantasize situations where you got it and finally made it. Act it out. Regularly. Not only will your acting skills skyrocket but you’ll be attracting events and occurrences favourable to you in such frame of mind. Then rinse and repeat – every day, until you get it!


When you focus solely on what you want, and put yourself in a mindset where nothing else exists, not even the universe, just you and your goal, then you get in White Line Fever. And if you do the above, fervently enough, over long periods of time, and I mean waay long, then you will at a certain point experience a sudden and abrupt realization of mental clarity. That sudden experience is you breaking into your soul, your subconsciousness, your inner mind – and that is where the glory is.

Your soul is 30,000 more powerful than your consciousness. Everything you do through your soul, even if it’s only through a small percentage extra opening of it by you, becomes a performance and whenever you hone in and work with focus – you achieve.

To make matters easier for beginners, obsessively observe successful people you admire. The ones who have the greatest effect on you. Watch them and study them. Some of them, individually, may have certain characteristics that you relate to or may have. They are your template. By monitoring them day and night, whenever you can, you will notice how they SWITCH from one mindset, miscellaneous, to another, perform! My template that I used to help break into my soul was Nicki Minaj. I watched her ardently until it just popped! Successful templates I admire are Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and a string of others. They just switch!


You can do this! Anyone can. It might seem daunting in the beginning, but if you take it step by step, focusing on incremental progress, consistently, then it’ll all add up and you will blow. No one is born a super human. Even highly intelligent people aren’t superior to anyone because when you use your soul, you activate the super power that resides in all of us – and it’s eons ahead of any human intelligence.

Go get ’em!

Ascension Through Subconsciousness
More consciously using the subconsciousness makes its user a superpower, whether he/she is an Einstein or a veg.