image description‘I’ve started college and was worried at first leaving my parents alone. They’re setting up a private business and are very interested in the Internet. My dad, particularly, wants to promote his herbal tea online. Problem is, he’s not very tech-savvy. I used to show him most of the time how to use the computer and go online, but now with me away, I’ve been concerned as to who will help him with ICT, considering how so called consultants in my area charge an arm and leg for things as simple as creating a Facebook Page.

My mum isn’t an IT genius either, so I took it upon myself to leave them in the best of hands online. My goal was to provide them the best infrastructure they’d need to get up and running in no time. Easier said than done. Starting online, I was inundated with dozens of service and product providers of all sorts, legal and illegal. I was frustrated – but I didn’t let that stop me. So I went back to the drawing board and kept things simple.

I required a decent web presence for my father’s shop. He makes his tea locally but sells it internationally. So a universally-appealing website was paramount. So I went back online to search for a solid webhosting and domain name management provider with an excellent track record and affordable prices. The number 1 search result? GoDaddy. Now, they’ve been around for ages and are really one of the first few web companies that were there during the early dial-up Internet access days and the Dotcom boom.

It turns out longevity has made them move from strength to strength. They serve over 60 million domain names worldwide and the list just keeps growing. They serve over 13 million customers the world over and have a supportive customer service open 24 hours a day. Particularly great, when you’re not living in their time zone.

With the ongoing promotion, I secured one year of webhosting and free domain name registration, all for just ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH! And as if that’s not good enough, it comes with unlimited bandwith and 100GB of storage space for one website. That’s more than enough for my father’s use and that offer is only GoDaddy’s budget offer. Yes, there are better offers on deck. I quickly signed up and paid hassle-free online. The year’s amount was deducted from my account in minutes and I verified my email address with GoDaddy shortly thereafter. I had already created a website so uploading it to my online account was a piece of cake. Moments later, my father’s site was live online.

Now, it’s great to have a presence but you also need to be found. That’s why I added a special SEO package to the deal at the time of my purchase. It adds just a bit more to the total so my dad will hardly feel the pinch. The great thing is, he can do some of the SEO himself and outsource the rest to GoDaddy online marketing experts who are always on hand to assist in all things marketing. How many webhosting firms do this? That really relieves me because I know my parents will be in the best of hands when they’re promoting away online – and I’m in college studying for an Online Business degree. 😉

Thank you, GoDaddy, for being a lifesaver when I needed you the most.

And to my pa, all I can say is:

Go, Daddy!’