Let me tell you what I’ve been through. I may not look like much but I’ve suffered and sacrificed to be like this. It was never easy and I knew it from the start but I always kept in my mind that with the right support, I would excel. Life is a string of constant battles. You never give up. To stay in the game, you have to be as sharp as you were when you entered.

I’ve lost 20kg in one year. That’s 44 pounds. Losing it has been excruciating but I made it. I’m at the top of the mountain but haven’t reached the peak yet. There are still 10 pounds I have to lose to reach my optimum weight of 80kg (176lb). One last effort is needed to finally shed off the excess weight and be a healthy person again. However, anyone who has done project management knows that the last 20% of a project can require 80% of the overall effort. In other words, the big push in the end is often more than what had been given earlier.

And that’s where the problem lies. I’m burnt out. I feel like I’ve given it my all and can’t give anymore. But I can. I have to. It’s tough because I feel I’m already a winner. I’m almost finished, after all. I may as well pat myself on the shoulder for a job well done. Or shouldn’t I?

At the start of the weight loss program, I was adamant I would lose the full 54 pounds of fat around my belly and waist. Nothing would sway me to change my mind. Nonetheless, now I’m at the end. I’ve taken the hits and have the psychological scars of battle weariness to prove it. In all honesty, I’m simply exhausted. I need help.

So I got to The Herschthal Practice. They enroll me in their Coolsculpting procedure and remove the excess fat naturally. I can go to my regular activities that I enjoyed with a smile now and don’t have to worry about whether I’ll fit into this garment or that clothing again. I’m gorgeous now. It was definitely worth it.


(11/18/13, 9:56 PM Western African Time)