First depictions of a Christmas promo.

Some copywriting…

Got Formation End of Year 2 in 1 Land Promo

Comment Below & Win A Plot of Land!

You read that right. If you comment below, you stand a chance to win your very own plot of land. GOT Formation, the leading property developer is giving back to the masses with a huge end of year promotion. Just visit Polysonic Mall in Apapa and meet the friendly team. With a nominal sum of N1000, you’ll get a ticket that qualifies you for the weekly raffle draw.

Sensational prizes include

  • Home Theatre sets

  • Refrigerators Gas Cookers

  • Generators

  • Washing machines

  • And much more are up for grabs.

Loads of lucky winners have already emerged and the presents are flying off the counter. Don’t miss out. It could be YOU next. Treat yourself this festive season and win BIG by us. Everyone who participates stands the chance of winning the Grand Prize of 1 whole PLOT of LAND. It will confirm your status as a rising landlord in 2015!

A whopping total of 5 ACRES will be given away this month. Every week, 5 plots of land will be given to very lucky customers. Will it be you? Each plot of land is in every one of our 3 high class, serene residential estates. They are Real Homes Estate Agbara, Grace Place Estate & Oloja Estate

GOT Formation rewards everyone: even YOU! That’s why, all you have to do is comment in the section below and win a free raffle ticket INSTANTLY! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. What are you waiting for? Share your joy with us this yuletide season.”

(12/22/14, 11:32 PM Western African Time)


Not bad for a day’s work. Still got a lot more to do though, so ’til next time.


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